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Andras Molnar
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Andras Molnar
Zsolt Domozi

WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development

Print ISSN: 1790-5079
E-ISSN: 2224-3496

Volume 13, 2017

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Volume 13, 2017

Volume Analysis of Open-Pit Mines on the Basis of Photogrammetry Principles

AUTHORS: Andras Molnar, Zsolt Domozi

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ABSTRACT: The volume analysis of open-pit mines is important for preparing the plans for environmental recultivation. To assess the predictability of finances and deadlines it is indispensable to determine the exact amount of backfilling required. A geodetic survey presupposes a very time-consuming and special expertise; furthermore, accuracy depends on the experience of the expert and on the number of conducted surveys. Drones can take aerial photos, from which a surface model can be produced. The survey requires a short amount of time, depending on size, 10 to 40 minutes/0, 5 to 10 km2. In the cases shown, the amount of backfill material was determined by the help of a photogrammetric method after the successful 3D model creation of many artificial buildings. In case of mines, cover surfaces have been developed from many viewpoints, with the help of which the scale and the manner of refilling can be optimized. The finished method may become an effective alternative to traditional surveys.

KEYWORDS: UAV, 3D surface model, photogrammetry, recultivation, surface generation, volume calculation


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WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1790-5079 / 2224-3496, Volume 13, 2017, Art. #31, pp. 304-312

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