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Volume 8, 2017

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Harmonics Generated by Compact Fluorescent Lights: Diagnostic and Shunt Active Filtering

AUTHORS: H. Houassine, S. Moulahoum, N.Kabache

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ABSTRACT: nonlinear loads greatly used in the industry, such as power converters, fluorescent lamps and adjustable speed motor drives, is expected to grow rapidly. All of these loads inject harmonic currents to the grid. This paper presents the diagnostic and the active filtering of the harmonic distortion generated by the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)by conducting measurement tests and the comparison of these results with the simulations based on the CFL’s electronic model. The Instantaneous active and reactive power theory, called p-q theory, is used to design the control strategy for extracting reference currents for the shunt active power filter. The active filter control scheme has been verified and its performance has been evaluated under different load conditions through a set of simulation tests. Also, the tuning of the active power filter is performed to improve the quality of the electrical power supply by harmonic compensation and power factor improvement.

KEYWORDS: CFL, Shunt active power filter (SAPF), harmonics distortion, P-Q theory


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WSEAS Transactions on Electronics, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-9445 / 2415-1513, Volume 8, 2017, Art. #12, pp. 91-99

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