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Volume 8, 2017

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Wireless Sensor Network Data Acquisition Platform

AUTHORS: Zhi-Jun Yang, Yang-Yang Ding, Hong-Wei Ding, Yang Su

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ABSTRACT: In this paper, we takes temperature and humidity as the research object, and builds a wireless sensor network data acquisition platform by combining the Internet of things and the WeChat public platform. The platform uses DHT11 temperature and humidity sensors and CC2538 sensor nodes to obtain the relevant data, through the server and database for data access.The combination with WeChat public platform not only allows us to view the temperature and humidity in the WeChat public, but also allows us to understand the environmental changes of the relevant detection area more conveniently and quickly.The effectiveness of the platform is also demonstrated by the collection of temperature and humidity data.

KEYWORDS: Wireless sensor network, TinyOS, WeChat public platform


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WSEAS Transactions on Electronics, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-9445 / 2415-1513, Volume 8, 2017, Art. #10, pp. 73-78

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