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Volume 16, 2019

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Volume 16, 2019

The Development of Rail Transport and Its Impact on the National Economy & Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan

AUTHORS: Ospankulov Ernur Erdenovich, Seitkazieva Aruzhan Mukataevna, Bolatkyzy Saltanat, Sharipov Askar, Gussenov Barkhudar Sh., Assanova Zhuldyz, Bekmetova Aruna, Kazieva Laura, Mussina Togzhan, Berkinbayeva Yerkenaz

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ABSTRACT: The article considers the process of transport infrastructure development as an important direction of socio-economic progress, increase of production efficiency. The paper indicates the importance of this direction of development of the national economy, as the pace and level of development of society depend on the activities of this sphere. In this case, the successful solution of many problems is determined by the effectiveness of the management mechanism of the transport complex. The paper describes the characteristics of the impact of rail transport infrastructure development on the processes taking place in Kazakhstan. The article notes that in modern conditions of the transport infrastructure is an important factor of economic and social development. The role of rail transport infrastructure is manifested, first of all, in the fact that its comprehensive development increases the effectiveness of the current economic structure of Kazakhstan's economy. The article discusses the main characteristics of the transport system management, in particular rail transport and its criteria; the importance of geopolitical aspects of the transport infrastructure development, in particular rail transport for the national economy.

KEYWORDS: infrastructure, national economy, the management of railway transport, economic development, progress, effectiveness.


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