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Volume 16, 2019

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Volume 16, 2019

Empowering Leadership and OCB: The Roles of Psychological Empowerment and Emotional Intelligence

AUTHORS: Moh. Ali Shahab, Agus Sobari, Udin Udin

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ABSTRACT: The quality of medical services has become the main target in national development planning in Indonesia. The objective of this study is to explore and analyze the effect of empowering leadership on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) through psychological empowerment and emotional intelligence. Data is collected from 125 sets of the employee in the medical service industry of Jepara district – Indonesia. By using structural equation modeling (SEM) with SmartPLS 3 software, this study reveals that empowering leadership is related to organizational citizenship behavior. This study further proves that psychological empowerment and emotional intelligence serve as significant mediating in the relationship between empowering leadership and organizational citizenship behavior.

KEYWORDS: empowering leadership, psychological empowerment, emotional intelligence, organizational citizenship behavior


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