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Pavla Jindrová
Viera Pacáková

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Pavla Jindrová
Viera Pacáková

WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics

Print ISSN: 1109-9526
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Volume 16, 2019

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Volume 16, 2019

Natural Catastrophe Models for Insurance Risk Management

AUTHORS: Pavla Jindrová, Viera Pacáková

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ABSTRACT: Catastrophic events are characterized by three main points: there are relatively rareness, there are statistical unexpected and there have huge impact on the whole society. Insurance or reinsurance is one way of reducing the economic consequences of catastrophic events. Risk management of insurance and reinsurance companies have to have available relevant information for estimation and adjusting premium to cover these risks. The aim of this article is to present two of the useful methods – block maxima method and peaks over threshold method. These methods use information from historical data about insured losses of natural catastrophes and estimates future insured losses. These estimates are very important for actuaries and for risk managers as one of the bases for calculating and adjusting premiums of products covering these types of risks

KEYWORDS: - Block maxima model, catastrophic events, insured losses, modelling, peaks over threshold, risk.


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