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Mahdi F. Ghajari
Rene V. Mayorga

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Mahdi F. Ghajari
Rene V. Mayorga

WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control

Print ISSN: 1991-8763
E-ISSN: 2224-2856

Volume 12, 2017

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Volume 12, 2017

A Framework for Kinematic Modeling and Trajectory Planning of Hyper-Redundant Manipulators Using a Modified PRM

AUTHORS: Mahdi F. Ghajari, Rene V. Mayorga

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ABSTRACT: Trajectory planning for robotic manipulators can be defined as a set of a step-by-step procedure to break down an arbitrary movement task into discrete motions while satisfying pre-defined constraints and optimizing a cost function. In spite of the fact that various aspects of trajectory planning for robotic manipulators have been investigated; the problem of providing a time-wise efficient collision-free path for hyper-redundant manipulators in cluttered environments, have not been specifically addressed. This research has developed a comprehensive computationally tractable collision-free path planner for several user-defined degrees of freedom (DOF) robot manipulators without using inverse kinematics (IK) which is computationally expensive. This study introduces a novel efficient multiple-query based sampling approach for obstacle avoidance, and 2D trajectory planning, for N-DOF robot arms. A MATLAB based motion planner is proposed to investigate this approach for different and diverse types of manipulators, with various joint types, and cost functions. Various scenarios with different pre-defined highly constraining obstacles have been simulated in the proposed motion planner and the results demonstrate the fast computation of collision free motions.

KEYWORDS: Trajectory Planning, Hyper-redundant Manipulators, Collision-free Motion Planning


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WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1991-8763 / 2224-2856, Volume 12, 2017, Art. #42, pp. 393-404

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