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Volume 12, 2017

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Volume 12, 2017

Molecular Network in Perspective Of Magnetic And Quantum Notices Consideration

AUTHORS: Henryk Piech, Jerzy Jelonkiewicz, Lukasz Laskowski, Magdalena Laskowska

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ABSTRACT: In our approach, we carefully investigate involutions among spin and quantum nature looking at possible implementation in molecular network. Magnetic properties of spin glass materials [9,13] are close to quantum interpretation in their nature description [18]. Therefore, we can look for possible kinds of analogies in process of defining theoretic and practice conventions, rules and applications of the quantum calculation strategies. We can try to involve these notices from different domains considering possibilities to create directly quantum calculation units and practice calculation structures like qubits, registers, gates etc. [4,19] dealing with spin and quantum definitions and descriptions. Such a pragmatic approach only intuitively gives chances to create the transition theory and implement it even partially. Obviously, almost all of us have heard about quantum factorization, cryptography or teleportation but it is obtained as a result of exploration casually selected quantum properties and adapting them to mathematic problems. Controlled elementary logic gates guaranties combining the bests features of traditional, quantum and nanostructure convention and can lead to molecular network.

KEYWORDS: molecular network, magnetic spin, quantum, network energy projection


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