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Volume 18, 2019

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Automation of Cyber Security Incident Handling through Artificial Intelligence Methods

AUTHORS: Roumen Trifonov, Slavcho Manolov, Georgi Tsochev, Galya Pavlova

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ABSTRACT: According to the opinion of the leading experts in the field of Cyber Security over the last few years there has been a transition from the stage of Cyber Criminality to the stage of Cyber War. In order to respond adequately to the new challenges, the expert community has two main approaches: to adopt the philosophy and methods of Military Intelligence, and to use Artificial Intelligence methods for counteraction of Cyber Attacks. The present paper describes some of the results obtained in the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technology at Technical University of Sofia in the implementation of project related to the application of intelligent methods for increasing the security in computer networks. These results are shown separately in the sphere of Cyber Threats Intelligence and Security Incident Handling.

KEYWORDS: - Cyber Security, Incident Handling, Artificial Intelligence, Learning Methods, Automation, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Defense


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