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Volume 18, 2019

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IoT/Edge Structural Health Monitoring System as a Life-Cycle Management Tool for SDG-11 using Utility Computing Platform

AUTHORS: Hasan Tariq, Abderrazak Abdaoui, Farid Touati, Mohammed Abdulla E. Alhitmi, Damiano Crescini, Adel Ben Manouer

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ABSTRACT: In view of the intensified disasters and fatalities caused by natural phenomena and sporadic urban expansion, infrastructure safety and sustainability is a cynosure of Sustainable Development Goal 11 for 2030. This work proposed a novel Internet of Things Edge structural health monitoring system focused on E/CN.3/2016/2/Rev1 and A/RES/71/313-E/CN.3/2018/2 charters of the United Nations Development Program. This work is an archetype of a safety operations support system for regional SDG-11 using a novel melioration in our previous works SHM-UCM [1, 2] to enable the building owners and service companies in supporting the state agencies in achieving SDG-11 regarding safe infrastructure life-cycle as the multi-objective function of cost and sustainability. Results exhibited this work as a reference model for ISO/TC211-WG4 solution for SDG-11 as a synergy of ISO/IEC JTC SC 41 (Internet of Things) and ISO/IEC JTC SC 42 (Artificial Intelligence).

KEYWORDS: SDG-11; infrastructure health monitoring (IHM); geomatic analytics; sustainability assessment; Internet of Things (IoT).


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