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Volume 17, 2018

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Design of a Wireless Cost Effective Patient Monitoring System using IoT

AUTHORS: Himashree Das, Manash Pratim Sarma, Nikos E. Mastorakis

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ABSTRACT: The IOT is a network of intelligently connected devices and systems comprising of smart machines that interact and communicate with other machines, environments, objects. We have developed a multiprotocol system for monitoring health parameters of patient over the internet. Few sensor nodes are designed that can sense information such as body temperature, beats per minute and motion and transfer this data to the base station. A gateway prior to the base station is designed that will receive all the sensor data through different wireless protocols such as bluetooth, zigbee and send it to the base station for global sharing. The designed system can be integrated to a patient monitoring system and is able to continuously process data at a small amount of time. An alert system is also incorporated into system to make the system more convenient to use.

KEYWORDS: IoT, Sensor, Gateway


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