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Volume 17, 2018

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Design and Study of a Microstrip Defected Ground Structure Antenna Operating at 2.9/3.78/4.7/5.8 GHz

AUTHORS: Angel Lozada, Iván Aristizabal, Paulo Velez

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ABSTRACT: A novel design of a defected ground structure multi band microstrip antenna is presented in this work. The modified bident microstrip antenna with defection at ground plane is designed, simulated and fabricated to operate at 3 GHz (between 2.925 to 3.133 GHz), at 3.9 GHz (between 3.471 to 4.355 GHz), at 4.9 GHz (between 4.537 to 5.317 GHz), and at 5.9 GHz (between 5.681 to 6.162 GHz) for WiMAX/WLAN applications. One of the main challenges was to miniaturize the antenna keeping a low profile and low cost substrate (1.2mm and FR4 respectively) with tetra-band frequency response. Each resonant frequency is accomplished by adding and modifying a defection at ground plane, and modifying the cross position at feed line. Simulations had been conducted using HFSS software and measured parameters such as reflection coefficient (S11 parameter) was also performed with a vector network analyzer. Measured results confirm simulated results that the antenna could work within mentioned frequencies. Parametric study was conducted in order to study the effect of slots variation over the design.

KEYWORDS: Defected ground, microstrip, multiband


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