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Mengtian Jiao
Yunzhong Song

WSEAS Transactions on Computers

Print ISSN: 1109-2750
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Volume 17, 2018

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Path Planning for Hospital Internal Drug Distribution with Linear Temporal Logic

AUTHORS: Mengtian Jiao, Yunzhong Song

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ABSTRACT: This paper studies the global optimal patrol path planning for drug distribution in hospitals. Owing to the fact that the traditional drug supply mode in the hospital, which has the disadvantages of consuming expensive resources of pharmacy and nursing professionals, this paper proposes an optimal patrol path planning based on linear temporal logic (LTL) for drug distribution. First, according to the actual environmental characteristics of pharmacy departments, construct a weighted transition system model. Second, use LTL language to describe the tasks that the agents need to perform. Next, construct a Product automaton that integrates the environment model and task requirements. Finally, use the path search method based on Dijkstra algorithm to search for the optimal path on the Product automaton, and the optimal path is mapped back to the area transition system, so that the agent receives the running route in the actual environment. The simulation results show that this method can solve the problem that the multi-point supply task and the distribution area are constrained, and guarantees the optimality of the supply path.

KEYWORDS: - Drug Distribution, Linear Temporal Logic, Path Planning, Multi-point Patrol, Transition System, Buchi Automaton, Product Automaton


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