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Volume 17, 2018

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An Analysis on Road Extraction from Satellite Image Using

AUTHORS: T. Ganesh Kumar, D. Murugan Manish T. I.

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ABSTRACT: Image segmentation is extensively used in face recognition, fingerprint matching, medical image processing and image processing applications, particularly to locate objects in the satellite images. Road extraction from satellite or aerial imagery is a popular topic in remote sensing, and there are many road extraction algorithms suggested by various researches. However, the need of reliable remotely sensed road information still persists as there is no sufficiently robust road extraction algorithm yet. This paper presents a road extraction problem based on Otsu Thresholding and Genetic Algorithm based segmentation. The empirical evaluation of the two algorithms suggests that the GA algorithm is capable of extracting majority of the road network, and it poses promising performance results.

KEYWORDS: Otsu Thresholding Segmentation, Genetic Algorithm, Road Extraction, Morphological operations


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