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Elhachmi Jamal

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Volume 16, 2017

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Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Cellular Networks

AUTHORS: Elhachmi Jamal

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ABSTRACT: last years, Cognitive radio (CR) has emerged as an efficient technology to exploit the unused available spectrum resources; it can sense and use spectrum in an opportunistic manner without creating any harm to cognitive users. In this article a cognitive spectrum allocation procedure is proposed. Artificial Neural network (ANN) an intelligent learning technique is used which works to improving wireless communication for cognitive radio mobile terminal, to reduce the optimization complexity and improve the decision quality. The criteria for the spectrum allocation problem had been analyzed and the common objectives to solve it have been determinate. Evaluation results show that our technique achieved significant allocations in large and complex wireless communication system. Results also show the improvement in the user satisfaction over other techniques in CR.

KEYWORDS: Cognitive radio, spectrum allocation, wireless communications, neural network.


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