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Volume 16, 2017

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Method of Improving the Quality of Polling Service in Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

AUTHORS: Zhi-Jun Yang, Yang Su, Hong-Wei Ding, Yang-Yang Ding

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ABSTRACT: Four kinds of service types are defined in IEEE 802.16. In order to provide the Quality of Service (Qos) for different services, the system must use a reasonable resource allocation method and scheduling algorithm to efficiently and fairly allocate bandwidth resources. Although in the IEEE 802.16 MAC, for the uplink real-time polling service (rtPS) and non-real-time polling service (nrtPS) business type of data transmission are used to polling, but do not provide business-based services. In this paper, the distinction between priority service of rtPS and nrtPS is carried out, and the simulation experiment is used to analyze the performance characteristics of the protocol under the distinction of high and low priority. Wherein the theoretical values of the average delay and the information packets are compared with the experimental values. The average query cycle and throughput are also evaluated. Which proves the validity of the improved service strategy and improves the service characteristics of the system.

KEYWORDS: MAC protocol, IEEE 802.16, QoS, nrtPS, rtPS, polling system


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