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Volume 16, 2017

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Simulation of Shielding Effectiveness of Materials Using CST Studio

AUTHORS: Stanislav Kovář, Jan Valouch, Hana Urbančoková, Milan Adámek, Václav Mach

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ABSTRACT: Recently, the development of electronic and electric devices has caused an increase in the level of electromagnetic radiation; therefore, the demand for protection against this danger has increased. There are many ways how to ensure the protection of device against electromagnetic interference; however, this paper is devoted just one of the ways, the shielding. The paper is focused on calculation of shielding effectiveness of material used to protect facilities. The results of the experiment are made by using of CST simulation software. The findings presented in this study serve to find suitable shielding material.

KEYWORDS: Shielding effectiveness, CST Studio Suite, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic susceptibility, attenuation, shielding material, electromagnetic simulation


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