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Volume 16, 2017

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Modified Double U Slot Penta Band Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications

AUTHORS: Angel Lozada, Andres Piedrahita, Gloria Russi

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ABSTRACT: A slot planar patch antenna is designed, simulated and fabricated to operate at 2.8 GHz (from 2.794 to 2.846 GHz), at 3.1 GHz (from 3.145 to 3.196 GHz), at 3.6 GHz (from 3.56 to 3.3644 GHz), at 4.7 GHz (from 4.684 to 4.772 GHz) and at 5.4 GHz (from 5.423 to 5.526 GHz) for WiMAX/LTE and WLAN applications according to return loss simulation results. Each resonant frequency is accomplished by modifying each U slot and patch radiator itself. The antenna has a substrate thickness of 1.2mm made it of FR4 (epoxy glass) which make the structure a low cost and low profile antenna. Parametric studies was conducted using HFSS software which is based on HFSSv17.2 which is based on Finite Element Method (FEM) in order to study the effect of slots variation over the design. A VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) had been used to measure antenna parameter such as reflection coefficient (S11 parameter). Measured results confirm simulated results that the antenna could work within mentioned frequencies.

KEYWORDS: Penta band, radiation pattern, slot, WiMAX


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