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Dimitrios A. Karras

WSEAS Transactions on Communications

Print ISSN: 1109-2742
E-ISSN: 2224-2864

Volume 16, 2017

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Towards a Comprehensive Comparison of OFDM and CDMA Techniques

AUTHORS: Dimitrios A. Karras

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ABSTRACT: It is known that OFDM and CDMA modulation techniques are used in modern wireless communication networks as important modules of the relevant transmitters and receivers. There are several reports in the literature comparing these techniques in different conditions and simulation setups making quite difficult the overall cross-comparison. The goal of this paper is to analyze modelling and simulation requirements of these techniques and develop a unified MATLAB platform in order to make possible their comparison as modules of different communication systems. Some results of this educational oriented preliminary simulation system are herein presented concerning the BER performance of these algorithms involving different number of users.

KEYWORDS: OFDM, CDMA, comparison of modulation techniques, MATLAB, BER Performance


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WSEAS Transactions on Communications, ISSN / E-ISSN: 1109-2742 / 2224-2864, Volume 16, 2017, Art. #9, pp. 57-69

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