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Volume 16, 2017

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Triangular Patch Antennas for Mobile Radio-Communications Systems

AUTHORS: Hector Fraga-Rosales, Mario Reyes-Ayala, Genaro Hernandez-Valdez, Edgar Alejandro Andrade-Gonzalez, Jose Raul Miranda-Tello, Felipe Alejandro Cruz-Perez, Sandra Lirio Castellanos-Lopez

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ABSTRACT: In this paper, the design procedure of triangular patch antennas is presented here. The antennas are compatible with the frequency interval of wireless communication systems. The design, simulation and experimental results are included for both antennas, where these antennas are based in one or two isosceles triangles. The first antenna has only one triangle in the patch, and the another one is a bowtie antenna, which involves two triangles with the same feeding point. The parameters employed in order to evaluate the two structures were the S11 parameter, the bandwidth, the radiation patterns and the antenna gain.

KEYWORDS: Triangular antenna, bowtie antenna, antenna matching


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