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Volume 16, 2017

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Level Crossing Rate of Macrodiversity in the Presence of Gamma Long Term Fading, κ-μ Short Term Fading and Rayleigh Short Term Fading

AUTHORS: Siniša Minić, Dragana Krstić, Djoko Bandjur, Vladeta Milenković, Suad Suljović, Mihajlo Stefanović

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ABSTRACT: Macrodiversity (MAD) with MAD selection combining (SC) receiver and two microdiversity (MID) maximum ratio combining (MRC) receivers is considered in this paper. Received signal in the first MRC receiver experiences Gamma long term fading and κ-μ short term fading and received signal in the second MRC receiver experiences correlated Gamma long term fading and Rayleigh short term fading. MAD SC receiver reduces Gamma long term fading effects, the first MID MRC receiver reduces κ-μ short term fading effects and the second MID MRC receiver reduces Rayleigh short term fading effects on system performance. The closed form expressions for level crossing rate of signal envelopes at outputs of MID MRC receivers are calculated. These expressions are used for evaluation the level crossing rate of MAD SC receiver output signal envelope. The influence of Rician factor of κ-μ short term fading, κ-μ short term fading severity parameter, Gamma long term fading severity parameter and Gamma long term fading correlation coefficient on level crossing rate is studied and discussed. Average fade duration of proposed radio system can be evaluated by using the expression for level crossing rate of MAD SC receiver output signal envelope.

KEYWORDS: macrodiversity reception, microdiversity reception, Gamma fading, κ-μ short term fading, Rayleigh fading, level crossing rate


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