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Volume 16, 2017

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Volume 16, 2017

Noise Calculation in Nano-Channel Diodes for Terahertz Detectors Application

AUTHORS: Abdel Majid Mammeri, F. Z. Mahi, L. Varani

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ABSTRACT: An analytical calculations of the intrinsic noise and Noise Equivalent Power (NEP) in the InGaAs nanochannel diode are proposed. The model based on the one dimensional Poisson equation which is derived to obtain the current-potential relation of the diode. This relation allows to calculate the admittance/impedance elements and establish the noise spectral density according to Nyquist expression. From the complex impedance of the diode, we can extract the Responsivity generated from the power signal in proportional to the power absorbed by the nanochannel diode. The analysis combine the noise spectra and the Responsivity to determine the Equivalent Noise Power (NEP) of the diode under a high frequency signal. The discussion includes the geometrical effects, the operating temperature and proporties of the diode to optimize the generated power in terahertz frequency. The Responsivity and the Noise power schow the appearence of resonances peaks in the terahertz domain. The analysis of the resonances improves the behavior of the nanochannel diodes for high sensitive Terahertz detectors. The analytical noise results are compared with the Mont Carlo calculations in Refs. [1], [2].

KEYWORDS: Nanochannel diodes, Terahertz (THz), resonances, Noise Equivalent Power (NEP), intrinsic noise


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