Plenary Lecture

Non Linear Electrodynamics and a Minimum Time Step Allowed in Early Universe Cosmology

Professor Andrew Walcott Beckwith
Department of Physics
Chongqing University
P. R. China

Abstract: This article poses the question of a minimum time length at the start of cosmological space-time evolution. Using the methodology of Zeldovich (1972) as to a problem with electron-positron pair production we propose an upper bound to the problem of minimum time length which may be accessible to experimental inquiry. The previously done work by the author as to graviton production invoking non linear electrodynamics in cosmology is re introduced for the purpose as to density functions which are used to create an upper bound to the largest initial time step, in cosmological evolution. The results,are independent of massive graviton arguments , and the author will present a case that the minimum time step is part of a pre quantum gravity formulation, whereas the massive graviton is an artifact of quantum gravity occurring as a consequence of physics set up right after the formation of the minimum time step.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Born December 15, 1954: PhD December 2001, Texas Center for Superconductivity, TcSAM.
Affiliation as research professor, Chongqing University, November 2010-Present
Interested in ideas which bridge, and which cross reference often too narrow research specialties. I.e. due to what I have known about laser physics through seeing / participating in experimental laser applications lead to a deeper appreciation of domain wall physics, with consequences as to cosmology questions which have been presented in conference talks. Finding commonality in often seemingly disparate specialties is something I look forward to doing, and an expertise which I would like to share with others to mutual benefit and profit.
In addition, engineering details can and should enable idea formation in general physics. Having device physics separated from theory is old, out of date, and belongs to the era where theoreticians were more important than experimentalists.
Specialties:GW physics, cosmology, condensed matter physics simulations of structure formation, and their applications to both Astro physics, and generalized domain wall physics. Applications of laser physics problems in both condensed matter/bio physics and space physics exploration

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