Plenary Lecture

Big Data Analytics - Searching the Empty Space

Professor Wolfgang Benn
Fakultat fur Informatik
Professur Datenverwaltungssysteme
Technische Universitat Chemnitz

Abstract: Big Data Analytics means to find the needle in a (big-data-)haystack. To find an answer for analytic questions often results in queries to databases, which have lots of predicates and which need tenth or hundredth of values to be correlated to select the correct data records. These correlations create a very large search space because each value is located in its own dimension. Thus, one problem of these queries is that they often search large parts of the database but do not find records for the result set, because the more dimensions we have, the more we search the empty space. Another problem is that such kind of queries very often need to tackle more than one database. The talk will be about a method that helps to avoid the empty space search by use of Artificial Intelligence and which can simply be used to access more than one database at a time.

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