Plenary Lecture

Techniques to Improve THD in Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems.

Professor Aldo Pardo Garcia
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
University of Pamplona
Norte de Santander, Colombia
E-mail: fingenierias@unipamplona.edu.co

Abstract: The conference is focused on the developments and current state of the DC / AC inverters for photovoltaic systems. In the Inverters for photovoltaic system is necessary to consider the waveform produced, inverters with a high harmonic content reduces system’s performance. The waveforms generated by the cascaded multilevel inverters present very good quality and low harmonic content making them an ideal choice. These devices have been recognized as an important alternative in the medium-voltage inverter market, due that they meet the specifications for photovoltaic systems.
The conference presents some the results of research group:
- The Design and Implementation of a single phase multilevel inverter using the asymmetric cascade multilevel converter type. The selective harmonic elimination (SHE) was used for the computation of the firing angles. All the simulated results in MATLAB were validated by the Implementation of the converter. In order to evaluate the performance, it was used the total harmonic distortion factor (THD).
- Bio-Inspired Algorithms have been applied to find the best operational parameters of a PWM applied to a power inverter. It were also used optimization algorithms based on tabu search, genetic algorithms, and others.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: PhD. Aldo Pardo Garcia is an Electrical Engineer, graduated in Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University 1983, (MSc 1983,Esp. 1982) and graduated PhD in Belarusian National Technical University 1990. Postdoctoral research at CINVESTAV Guadalajara, Mexico (2007/2 – 2007/4), Postdoctoral research at Florida International University, USA (2007/9 – 2009/3).Over 25 years of experience of teaching and research in Universities - of Camaguey, (Cuba, 12 years), of Byelorussia (Minsk, Byelorussia, 3 years) and Pamplona, Norte de Santander, Colombia (14 years and currently).
For 7 years was the head of the research in The Institute for Research and Applied Technology Development (IIDTA 2000 - 2007), University of Pamplona, Colombia, dedicated to create innovative products and researches processes for university and Industry. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (2010 to present). Lector plenary in Universities of Mexico, of Venezuela, of Spain, of Byelorussia, of Colombia, of Cuba, of Puerto Rico and of United State of America. The results in the last 5 years: Articles published (52), Projects research (4), Softwares with copyright (5), Books published (5), and Participation as an opponent for Masters (11) and PhD thesis (3).

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