Plenary Lecture

Thermo Vision Systems with Laser Range Finder for Combined Temperature and Distance Measurements of Objects in Thermal Images

Professor Aleksander Bekiarski
Department of Telecommunications
Technical University Kliment Ohridski
Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: aabbv@tu-sofia.bg

Abstract: The main purpose of thermo vision systems is the visualization and processing of thermal images captured from thermo or infrared cameras. The visualization is the simplest way to use human observation for analysis of thermal pictures, but it suffers from subjective decision. Therefore, the methods for thermal image processing are in general automatic and give objective results for temperature analysis of the objects in thermal or infrared images. There exists wide range of applications in which simultaneously with temperature analysis of the objects in thermal images is very important to known the localization of these objects. For example the most common mobile robots applications of thermal or infrared cameras are for detecting thermal objects in fire situations or for defense and security purposes. This paper describe thermo visual or infrared systems in which the detection of thermal objects is extended with combined temperature and distance measurement of the detected thermal objects. It is proposed to arrange the distance measurements with a precise laser range finder and add this distance information to the temperature of detected object, which is done by thermo visual processing. This gives a more detailed and complete description of thermal objects in a thermo visual system, when it is from superior importance, for example in thermal robotic applications like the task of a mobile robot to find, locate and track thermal objects, moving in direction of their position.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Born in 1944, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He received M.S. degree in Communications in 1969 in Technical University, Sofia. Ph. D in Television and Image Processing in 1975, Assoc. Prof. since 1987 in the same University. Proffesor since 2010 in Technical University-Sofia University.Vice-Dean of Faculty on Life-Long Learning Center since 2005, Vice-Dean of French Language Faculty of Electrical Engineering since 2006. The author over 212 research papers in Image Processing Systems, Pattern Recognitions, Neural Networks etc. Currently the leader of courses in Basic of Television, Television Systems, Theory of Coding, Digital Signal Processors etc. His scientific iterests encompass Video and Audio Processing, Digital TV, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence in Video and Audio, Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages Lisp Prolog, Expert Systems, Robotics Camera Eye and Microphone Arrays, Signal Processors, Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, Programming Languages C++, Java, Matlab etc.

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