Plenary Lecture

The Role of Modeling and Model Processing in Supporting Content-Driven Layout

Associate Professor László Lengyel
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics
E-mail: lengyel@aut.bme.hu

Abstract: Mobile devices are significant part of our daily life, we use them to reach and consume digital data. According to different surveys the role of the tablet devices is already quite relevant and they are going to determine the close future of the mobile devices. A reasonable part of online documents have a fixed layout, like Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). This inflexibility leads to a poor online reading experience, since the size and resolution of monitors and mobile devices require readers to scroll around in order to read a page. The diversity of mobile platforms and the device capabilities requires providing automatic layout solutions for online newspapers and magazines. The challenge is to automatically adapt the whole digital magazine content, text and graphics, in order to articles look as good on tablet displays of any size as they do in printed media. To improve the limitations of current online reading experience, we need adaptive layout solutions that support automatic layout preparation for a wide range of displays.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:László Lengyel received his PhD degree in 2006. He is Associate Professor at Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His research field is metamodelling, domain-specific modeling, graph rewriting-based software model transformation, model-driven development, constraint validation, validated model transformation, aspect-oriented techniques, adaptive layout and content-driven layout. He leads the Visual Modeling and Soft-ware Design research group that has 6 researchers and currently 8 PhD students. He has published several papers at international conferences and in journals on software engineering, software modeling, model processing, adaptive layout and content-driven layout. The most important milestones in his professional carrier are Bolyai János professorship (2006-2010), Siemens Excellence Award (2008) and Kemény János Award (2012).

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