Plenary Lecture

Analysis of Non-Fourier Conduction Problems: Applications to Semi-Transparent Media and to Thermoelements

Professor Myriam Lazard
Institut PPrime
Thermal Fluid and Combustion Department

Abstract: This paper proposes an analysis approach of the nonlinear hyperbolic heat conduction equation thanks to the Cattaneo-Vernotte model. In the first part, the case of the coupled conductive-radiative heat transfer is considered. The accuracy of the proposed model to deal with inhomogeneous radiation/conduction problems is investigated by considering several kinds of participating media. The effects of different parameters such as scattering albedo on both temperature and conductive heat flux distributions within the medium for steady and transient states are studied. There is a good agreement between the results of the present work and those available in the literature. It is also proved that the parameters have a significant effect on both temperature profile and hyperbolic sharp wave front In the second part, the case of thermoelectric elements is considered. The methodology to solve the governing equations relative to a thin layer is based on the development of a specific quadrupole applied to thermoelectricity. It allows to obtain the transient behavior of a film under several boundary conditions and to take into account what happens at very short times. The expressions of the temperature and the heat flux of the small scale thermoelectric material are obtained and the whole matrix formulation is given explicitly.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Myriam Lazard is associate professor at Institut PPrime University of Poitiers since 2010. Previously she was associate professor, at the Institute in Engineering and Design (InSIC), Ecole des Mines (2002-2010). Her PhD was on the “Modelling of the combined conductive-radiative heat transfer in a semi-transparent medium. Parameters estimation”, Lab. Energetics & Mechanics Theoretical and Applied, (LEMTA), Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (2000). Her research interests include heat transfer in manufacturing processes, radiative transfer in semi-transparent media, inverse problems, parameters estimation and thermoelectricity. Her habilitation to manage the research was on the “Modelling and optimization of the systems and processes: thermoelectricity, processes and semi-transparent media”.

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