Plenary Lecture

The Latest Studies on Neural Systems for Perception of Time and Space of Events based on Prediction and Detection

Associate Professor Yumi Takizawa
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Abstract: She will present the latest studies on neural systems for perception of the time and the position in space of events. This scheme is based on theory of signal processing on prediction. She and her colleague, Fukasawa focused electrical oscillation in a neuron and synchronization by a neural group. A neuron operates as an oscillator for pulse or plateau potentials for external excitation. If the oscillators are connected with each other, the neural group provides stable and synchronous systems. Neural systems can estimate the position of events by the operation to minimize the error between predicted and observed input signal from generating source. This scheme is evaluated for detection of the location and time of sound sources using the acoustic sensors distributed in 3D space. This schemes could be applied to remote sensing systems for environmental measuring and resource exploration.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Yumi Takizawa received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Tokyo in 1994 after the BS degree from the Shinshu University in 1984. She joined in the Communication System Lab., OKI Electric, Tokyo. Then she joined in the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) as an associate professor in 1995. She has been engaged in experimental study of neural systems in weakly electric fish at the University of Virginia, USA, 1998 and 2000. The Best Paper Prize of Neurology’12, WSEAS/NAUN was awarded to this study, July 2012.

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