Plenary Lecture

VFIFE-Based Train-Bridge Interaction Dynamic Analysis

Professor J. D. Yau
Department of Architecture
Tamkang University

Abstract: This study presents a new approach based on the Vector Form Intrinsic Finite Element (VFIFE) method for the dynamic analysis of train-bridge system. Based on Newton’s 2nd law, the VFIFE method is used to discretize a structure into a group of mass particles connected by massless stiffness elements. Then the equation of each mass particle is solved individually and the internal forces induced by pure deformations in the massless elements are recovered using the fictitious reverse motion method, from which the updating and factorizing procedure in structural matrices of conventional finite element procedure is skipped. With the computational algorithm of VFIFE method, the bridge is discretized into a group of mass particles linked by massless beam elements and the multi-body coach supported by suspension systems is simulated as a set of mass particles connected by parallel spring-dashpot systems. Numerical verifications demonstrate that the present VFIFE method has a good accuracy as previous numerical works. Meanwhile, the resonance phenomenon on the running coaches will be studied as well once the train- and bridge- induced resonances on the train-bridge system occurs simultaneously.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. J.D. Yau got his Ph.D. from National Taiwan University (NTU) in 1996. After serving as a chair-engineer at the Kuan-Tech Eng Consult Co. in Taiwan (1997-1999), he joined the faculty at TamKang University (TKU, 1999) where he has served as Assistant Professor (1999-2003), Associate Professor (2003-09), and Chair (2004-2007) in the Department of Architecture and Building Technology. In 2010, Dr. Yau became a Professor of TKU, and an Adjunct Professor of Zhejiang University (2011-2017), a Visiting Professor of East China Jiao Tong University in China (2011-2017). He is also a Supervisor of the Chinese Taiwan Association of Wind Engineering (CTAWE, 2014-2018) and Academic chair of Taipei Structure Engineering Association (2016-2018). Dr. Yau has published over 60 referred journal papers and articles. His major research area is centered on vibration problems of high speed rails.

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