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Using Mathematical Tools to Reduce the Combinatorial Explosion During the Automatic Segmentation of the Symbolic Musical Text

Professor Michele Della Ventura
Music Academy 'Studio Musica'

Abstract: This research is going to focus on the modalities of management of the combinatorial explosion problem deriving from computer-aided music analysis: a major problem, most of all, for those who perform automatic analysis of the musical text considered at a symbolic level, due to the high number of recognizable “musical objects”. While briefly introducing the results of the application of different processing techniques, this article shall discuss the necessity to define a series of procedures meant to reduce the number of final ''musical objects'' to use in order to identify a melody (or a musical theme), by selecting the ones that do not carry redundant information. Consequently, the results of their application shall be presented in statistic tables, in order to provide information on how to reduce the musical objects to a small number, so as to ensure major precision in the musical analysis.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Michele Della Ventura, professor of Music Technology, is a learning expert, researcher and instructional designer. His research interests include correlation between music and mathematics with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence research in the field of computer-aided analysis of tonal music; intelligent systems; enhancing teaching and learning with technology; assessment for learning and strategies and models for the effective integration of technology into the curriculum at all academic levels. He is the author of several articles presented at many conferences and published in international science magazines and high school textbooks (also featured at the International Book Salon of Turin in 2012). He proofreads articles and is a member of scientific committees in International Conferences. He was invited as keynote speaker to International Conferences in Italy, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, UK, US (Baltimora, Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Washington). Michele Della Ventura has also consulted on Big Data and Semantic Technology projects in Italy. Some of the projects include indexation of the symbolic level of musical text.He is currently involved in several researches related to technology supported learning for dyslexic students, learning through the use of social media and handheld technologies in a CLIL classroom and technology supported student’s music analysis and composition.

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