Plenary Lecture

Development of Digital Technologies for Laboratory Production and Evaluation of Dental Restorations

Professor Liliana Porojan
Department of Prostheses Technology
Specialization Dental Technology
University School of Dentistry
"V. Babeș" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara

Abstract: As a result of the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, computer aided procedures are being introduced into achievement and evaluation of dental restorations. Together with the growing demand for high-quality dental restorations, the new computerized technologies lead to more challenges for dentists. The automation of the technological processes is characterized by an increased accuracy of execution, decrease in working time, elimination of the errors that may appear in different technical steps, and processing of advanced materials. Computerized evaluation methods emerged as a necessity to study the states of tension and deformation in structures with geometric complexity for which analytical calculation models were not operable. Different studies were designed to evaluate different restorations, in order to reproduce clinical failure modes.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Liliana Porojan - Professor at the "Victor Babeș" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Faculty of Dentistry, Specialization Dental Technology, Department of Dental Prostheses Technology, PhD in dentistry, Primary dentist in General Dentistry specialty, Specialist in the specialty of Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics , Specialist in specialty Dental Prosthodontics.
The areas of research are focused on: tridimenional reconstructions of dental structures and prosthetic restorations, threedimensional modeling, computer aided design in the field of dental prosthodontics, numerical simulations (finite element analysis) in fixed prosthetics, removable and combined restaurations, design optimization, modern welding procedures of dental alloys in shielding gas, structural aspects of base metal alloys, design concepts of removable partial dentures, attachments used in combined prosthetic restorations, ceramic systems used in dental technology, CAD / CAM systems used in dental technology. They were evidenced by coordination of 6 research projects in this areas of interest. The dissemination of research results was done by: 13 published books and monographs, 10 published courses and practical work handbooks, 164 scientific papers published in extenso, 160 papers published in summary, 221 papers presented at scientific meetings, 92 participation in conferences and symposia, 33 courses and training programs.

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