Plenary Lecture

On Nonlinear Surface Growth Models

Professor Gabriella Bognar
Director of Institute of Machine and Product Design
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
University of Miskolc

Abstract: The technique of growth surfaces under Molecular Beam Epitaxy has received considerable attention for a wide range of technological and industrial applications. This approach provides unique capability to grow crystalline thin films with precise control of thickness, composition and morphology. This enables scientists to build nanostructures as pyramidal objects or mounds. The evolution of the surface morphology during MBE growth results from a competition between the molecular flux and the relaxation of the surface profile through surface diffusion. The aim of this talk is to describe the coarsening process, to present results showing that surfaces can be mathematically and physically classified into different categories, to provide analytical results on the wavelength and amplitude. Numerical simulations are presented to show the roughening and coarsening of the surface pattern and the evolution of the surface morphology in time for different parameter values in one- and in two-dimensions.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Professor Bognar received the M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Miskolc, Miskolc, Hungary, Ph.D. and 'Candidate' degree in mathematics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Science in mechanical engineering. Since her graduation she has been teaching different subjects of mathematics and engineering for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students at University of Miskolc. She was conferred the postdoctoral lecture qualification (Dr. habil) in 2006. Her research interests include boundary and eigenvalue problems of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations in fluid mechanics and tribology. Gabriella Bognar has authored/edited 12 books, and published over 180 research papers. She also serves as the Vice Dean for Research and International Affairs at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, University of Miskolc.

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