Plenary Lecture

Additional Energy Source Identification and Synthesis

Associate Professor Myriam Lazard
Co-authors: Antonio Jaomiary, Yvon Andrianaharison
Institut PPrime UPR 3346, Département FluideThermique et Combustion
ENSIP, B25, Campus Sud, 2 rue Pierre Brousse
B.P 633, 86022 Poitiers Cedex, FRANCE
E-mail :

Abstract: This paper proposes an analysis approach of the energy deficiency problems in the Antsiranana city. The methodology to synthesize the emergency and additional source enabling to satisfy the energy needs is elaborated. The main output of the proposed method is the estimation of optimized relevant energy source corresponding to the needs of this region. Based on the production data from the electricity supplier company JIRAMA and the consumption of Antsiranana city, the analytical models of the households and industrial energy demands are established. Based on these models, the production and the consumption for the next decade are predicted. Furthermore, the optimal balanced produced and consumed energy must be provided by the company JIRAMA is estimated. Knowing the unmet needs, the potential renewable energy sources (fossil, hydro, wind and solar) available in Antsiranana is determined. It was concluded that the wind source is the most optimal technical and economic feasibility for a large scale production. Among the wind turbine variant, the wind farm of turbines VESTAS V80-2.0 MW can be the best candidate for the emergency regional source.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Myriam Lazard is associate professor at Institut PPrime University of Poitiers since 2010. Previously she was associate professor, at the Institute in Engineering and Design (InSIC), Ecole des Mines (2002-2010). Her PhD was on the “Modelling of the combined conductive-radiative heat transfer in a semi-transparent medium. Parameters estimation”, Lab. Energetics & Mechanics Theoretical and Applied, (LEMTA), Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (2000). Her research interests include heat transfer in manufacturing processes, radiative transfer in semi-transparent media, inverse problems, parameters estimation and thermoelectricity. Her habilitation to manage the research was on the “Modelling and optimization of the systems and processes: thermoelectricity, processes and semi-transparent media”.

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