Plenary Lecture

Network Slicing as a Key 5G Mobile Network Technology

Professor Zoran Bojkovic
Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Abstract: Today, fifth generation (5G) wireless network technology holds a place among the biggest research areas within both industry and academia.The achievements are huge, such as : massive multiple input-multiple output, millimeter wave, heterogeneous dense networks, cloud radio access networks, direct device-to-device communications in the in- band and out-band form, network slicing. Generally,network slices are defined as end-to-end logical networks, mutual isolated,with independent control and management, which can be created on demand. 5G network slicing enables a particular communication service , exploiting the principles of software defined network ( SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) . After presenting related works, network slices are analyzed, together with offered advantages.Next, network slicing-based 5G system architecture is presented. The traditional centralized architecture of the core network has evolved into a core cloud which separates the control plane from the user plane so as to reduce control signalling and delay of data transmission.The servers and other functions of the radio access network ( RAN ) are located in the edge cloud. The second part of this presentation deals with 5G information-centric network (ICN) slicing. 5G-ICN can have characteristic that do not exist in current cellular network. Network slicing applications conclude this work.One of these applications is to achieve the touching/manipulation of remote real or virtual objects by a human or machine. For details and implementation, the audience/readers can be referred to the overview papers, keynote speeches, special issues, and the latest books through the references.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof. Dr Zoran Bojkovic ( ) served as a Visiting Professor at more then 25 universities worldwide in the areas of digital signal processing, wire/wireless multimedia communications networks, mobile networks, effective computing. He has co-authored 7 international books (Prentice Hall, Wiley , CRC Press Taylor and Francis), 8 international books chapters (Springer, CRC Press Taylor and Francis), together with over 470 papers in per reviewed journals, conference proceedings and publications. He has conducted many international workshops/tutorials, seminars and participated in more than 70 scientific and industrial projects..The European Commission Service identify his profile a good match for specific expertise requirements. Currently, he is serving as Editor-in- Chief in 3 and Associate Editor in 2 International Journals

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