Plenary Lecture

Developing Mobile Interactive Problem Solving Software for Learning Affected by Crisis and Conflict

Professor Lung-Hsing Kuo
National Kaohsiung Normal University

Abstract: In traditional classroom setting, lecturing is the projecting method of transferring knowledge to students. However this passive mode of instruction does not keep student engaged and interested longer in the class. Although mobile devices are used widely in everyday life and have a bad reputation of creating distraction during class, it can be used to make student’s class participation more interactive and engaging. Especially, learning became much more difficultly whenever schooling affected by crisis and conflict. This lecture presents one such approach, which is fundamentally different than existing ones by allowing students to participate in active learning during class session by using their mobile devices. The goal of this lecture is two-fold: 1. To report revealing case studies of technology supported interventions to deliver education services in environments affected by crisis and/or conflict. 2. To provide references for the design and implementation of educational software. Based on case studies examined, a wealth of experience from which numerous lessons can be drawn for the consideration of future educational software developing in areas affected by crisis and conflict. Some of the most important lessons learned would be presented.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Lung-Hsing Kuo is the Professor of the Center for General Educational in National Kaohsiung Normal University. He received his Master in Education (1990~1993) and Ph. D. in Education (1993~1997) from National Kaohsiung Normal University. He specialized in Educational database, Education issues, Information and Society, Humanities and Technologies. And, he is also the COO of Nationwide Teacher In-service Education Information Web, Taiwan, R.O.C. , Chief editor of Yearbook of Teacher Education Statistics Republic of China (2005-2017) and Chief editor of Yearbook of In-service Teacher Education Statistics Republic of China (2008-2010). He is the author more than 100 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings, and invited book chapters.

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