Plenary Lecture

Researches to Obtain the Optimum Process Parameters by Machining through Superfinishing Process

Professor Badea Lepadatescu
Department of Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty of Technological Engineering and Industrial Management
Transilvania University of Brasov

Abstract: The work reported describes application of artificial neural networks (ANN) for the purpose of deriving a complex nonlinear relationship among several factors that influence the roughness of part surfaces obtained through superfinishing process according with different process parameters. The relationship is necessary to optimize the process parameters and predict the optimum values to obtain the roughness surfaces that are needed for the part manufactured. A feed forward two-layers ANN is designed and trained using experimental data. The model is tested for generalization and simulated in MATLABTM environment. The results are used to determine the best process parameters that must be used to have a high surface finish according with the technical requirements.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Badea Lepadatescu is currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technological Engineering and Industrial Management of Transylvania University of Brasov, Romania. He obtained his doctoral degree in 1998 in the area of machining through superfinishing process. After he graduated he worked five years as design engineer at Roman truck factory in the field of manufacturing processes where he designed many devices and special machine tools especially for superfinishing process. Started on 1982 he worked as research engineer at Transilvania University of Brasov, and after 1997 he is teaching at Department of Manufacturing Engineering. His main academic interests include Tolerance and Dimensional Control, Manufacturing Engineering Processes, Automation Processes, and Renewable Energy Sources. The research accomplishments are reflected through publications in a eight books and authored or co-authored over 130 papers published at international conferences. He has extensive experience in both experimental and theoretical research work having more than 50 contracts with factories to design and produce machine tools for machining processes. Also in the field of Renewable Energy Sources together with a team he made wind turbines, with horizontal axis for taking water, and with vertical axis to produce electric energy. He has been speaker to international conferences, has moderated forums, organized symposia, workshops and sessions at major international conferences.

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