Plenary Lecture

Past, Present and Perspectives of Clinical Support Systems as Educational Intelligent Tools: the Venezuelan Experience

Professor Carlos Rivas-Echeverria
University of Los Andes

Abstract: Several software for educational applications have been developed in Venezuela during the last 3 decades. Although all of them have shown to be particularly useful for training and as well as knowledge assistants and repository, none of them have survived the rapid development of new technologies (smartphone applications, PDA, Tablets, on-line web-based software, etc.), costs of reengineering and maintenance, cost of hardware and software development; but also the time expended in using the tools while working. When we began the development of electronic medical records in Venezuela it was an utopia; nowadays while it is the rule worldwide, in our country is just impossible. In a country with a humanitarian crisis where medications and drinkable water or power supply is scarce these kind of tools, although necessary, are unthinkable. We will discuss these difficulties and propose different possible solutions.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr. Carlos Rivas-Echeverria, MD, PhD, FACP is Medical Doctor (1992) and Specialist in Internal Medicine (1998) and in Critical Care (2000) at the University of Los Andes, Venezuela; Specialist in Family Medicine (2017), Spain; with a PhD degree from La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela. He has a Master degree on Sleep Medicine (Universidad Pablo de Oladive, Spain) and a Diplomate on Franchising Systems Management (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela). Currently is a Public Health Diplomate Candidate (IECSCYL) and Master Degree in Sexology Candidate (INEFOC, Spain). He is the Head of the SLEEPCARE Sleep Clinics in Venezuela since 2002. He became Professor at the University of Los Andes on 1993 (Full Professor since 2004), and has been Head of the Department of Pharmacology. He is cofounder and active Member of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory (University of Los Andes). Over 70 publications in high level conferences and journals, chapters of books, 1 patent and owns the intellectual property of 4 software, has been mentor of several MD, MSc and PhD Thesis. The main topics of his papers and research are: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, sleep disorders, traffic accidents and artificial intelligence. He became an active reviewer in several journals and societies, such as World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), and has been editor of some “WSEAS” journals. He has been organizer and chair of many international conferences. Is Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

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