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Innovative Aspects in the Development of Complex Industry 4.0 Decision Support Systems (DSS): Application Case in Steel Manufacturing Sector

Professor Roberto Revetria
University of Genoa

Abstract: The aim pursued in the realization of this project is to arrive at the definition of a possible solution that can lead to a correct classification of ferrous scrap images, connecting them to their type of membership. The fulfillment of such an act plays a very important role within the context of the steel. The production process of steel, achieved through the electrical cycle, involves the use of scrap as a raw material, constituting the charge on which to base the creation of the alloy. Each type of scrap has different characteristics, dimensions and materials, capable of going to affect what will be the stainless steel grade, inevitably impacting on the production process and on the quality of the finished product. A correct classification of scrap is of fundamental importance to obtain a steel that reflects the client's needs. The object on which rotates the entire proposal analysis is a database populated by 228 of scrap images, already correctly classified and divided into 15 groups, extracted from a real context. The study was addressed by analyzing the condition of being able to fulfill two different realizing paths: evaluating whether to proceed to the realization of a customized solution, oriented to the development of a new and targeted product, or to pursue a quick and dirty approach, essentially the reduction Oriented time to market, referring to what the market offers at present and harnessing the creativity of others. Opting for the latter path, as follows elaborated will proceed in the investigation of possible solutions already structured and tested in other areas, applicable to the treaty context. This approach, in particular, could be seen as a possible strategy for addressing the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 issues by integrating rather than developing from scratch innovative tools for supporting shorter time-to-market paths.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: He gets the degree with honors in 1998 and in July 1999 he is appointed Lieutenant in the Naval Army Corps attached to the Control and Testing Service Head Office of the Military Maritime Arsenal of Taranto. In October 2001 received the title of PHD in Parma University. On November 2001 he wins the Competition for the role of Researcher at the University of Genoa, he than win a second competition for the role of Associated Professor at Parma University in March 2004. The personal experience achieved in the construction of computer-aided analysis models and tools brought him to develop complex software using multipurpose and dedicated (Simula, AnyLogic, Flexsim, Automod, Simul8, ESL, GPSS/H, Arena, Witness, Plant Simulation, Powersim, iThink/Stella, VenSim, Berkeley Madonna) simulation tools. He makes use and develops models in virtual reality. On July 2010 he wins the Competition for the role of Full Professor at the Milan Polytechnic. He was Deputy-Director of the Italian Center of Excellence in Logistics and Transportation (CIELI). He is also currently involved in many top-level management training courses: Risk Management, Decision Support Systems and Project Management for Healthcare. Since 2008 he is Special Appointed Consultant for the Holy See (Vatican City) where it support the APSA President in development of IT Projects. In 2010 he visited Harvard University cited as “Distinguished Visitor” in Office of the University Marshal 2009-2010 Report (Appendix B: Visitor List for Academic Year 2009-2010). He is member of the Editorial Board of the following International Journals: Journal of Engineering, Computing & Architecture, Journal of Computer Science, Informatics and Electrical Engineering, Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace and Industrial Engineering, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM), JSE, Journal of Security Engineering, Bezopasnost' v technosphere, Elsevier European Journal of Operative Research (EJOR)

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