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Electrophysical Modelling of Activity of Neurons Based on the Knowledge of Active Semiconductor Device and Chemical Reaction Process with Enzyme

Professor Atsushi Fukasawa
Co-author Yumi Takizawa
Chiba University

Abstract: Electrophysical modelling of activity in neurons has been studied by the authors. Activity points oscillation or amplification of electrical signals. The proposed model is composed of three electrical zones separated by two liquid junctions dynamically induced in the cytoplasm. In physiological experiments, a single junction is observed between the cytoplasm and the electrolyte in glass tube electrode. It is pointed that the proposed modelling are brought by the knowledge in active semiconductor devices. The authors shows principle of operation in Point Contact Transistor (PCT). Three zones and two junctions are induced dynamically in thin layer under the surface of Ge- or Si- substrates. It is also pointed that the proposed modelling is brought by the knowledge of chemical process with enzyme for production of composite material.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Atsushi Fukasawa received the Master of Arts degree and the Ph.D. degree from Waseda University in 1967 and 1983. He joined Graduate School of Natural Science, Chiba University as a professor in 1997. He received the Award of the Agency of Science and Technology, Japan in 1982, and Ohm (publisher) Prize in 1994. He is a senior member of the IEEE. He and his colleague, Dr. Y. Takizawa are the recipients of the Best Paper Award of Neurology’12, SummerMed, WSEAS/NAUN, July 2012.

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