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Consistent Laboratory and Numerical Modelling of 2D Flows Around Bluff Bodies Basing on the Fundamental Equations Set

Professor Yuli D. Chashechkin
A.Yu. Ishlinskiy Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS

Abstract: The fundamental system containing empirical equations for density and Gibbs potential and coupled differential equations for momentum, energy and concentrations of impurities was selected for laboratory, analytical and numerical investigations of flows. Stratified (strong and weak) and homogeneous (potential and actual) fluids at rest were used as basic medium in experiments on stands of unique facility and supercomputer’s calculations. Flows around a horizontal wedge or cylinder and sphere were studied. A fine structure of upstream disturbances, internal waves, running and attached vortices, downstream wakes was investigated in a wide range of parameters including diffusion induced flows on motionless obstacles and transient vortex regimes at large values of Reynolds numbers. Observed and computed flow patterns are in good agreement with each other as a whole and in individual details. The possibility of transferring the results on flows in the environment and around moving bodies in water and air are discussed.

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