Plenary Lecture

A Circular Economy – An Attractive Challenge

Associate Professor Davorin Kralj
Institute for Creative Management
Slovenia, Europe

Abstract: There is no doubt about sustainable environmental future and environmental excellence. A circular economy shows the right direction. From a business perspective, ongoing change may be the greatest opportunity of the twenty-first century. The further development of circular economy is going to play a crucial role in stimulating and favouring the implementation of circular economy by enterprises and long-term consequences of sustainability aimed at long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s business and environmental activities and excellence. The European Commission adopted an ambitious Circular Economy Package, which includes revised legislative proposals on waste to stimulate Europe's transition towards a circular economy which will boost global competitiveness, foster sustainable economic growth and generate new jobs.The circular economy rests on three principles, each addressing several of the resource and system challenges that industrial economies faces. Circular Economy and Environmental Excellence mean more than corporate responsibility; it is now a priority issue that global business needs to integrate into its green business policy and strategy. Top management has a moral imperative and sustainable obligation to bring about environmental friendly change. Not only is “green” business excellence an issue of corporate responsibility, it is also in the interest of global policy and business to integrate it into its sustainable business and strategy. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, and aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times. The concept distinguishes between technical and biological cycles. The reflection included interdisciplinary thinking which enables us to understand and manage the process of circular economy in terms of sustainable development.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Ddr. Davorin Kralj completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1987) and post-graduate study at the University of Maribor- Faculty of Organizational Sciences, in the area of Integral Quality Management (1991) and also post-graduate master’ study program Management and Organization - MBA at Faculty for Economics and Business in Maribor (2008). In 2009 he holds a Ph.D in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and in 2012 he holds a second PhD at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. His main teaching and research areas include organizational sciences, environmental management and sustainable development. He has authored or co-authored various scientific papers and environmental patents. He has been awarded numerous certificates and awards. In 2008, have been distinguished with the silver award during the China Association of Inventions and IFIA International Federation of Inventors' Associations, the silver award during the International Jury of IENA 2008 and award of the Best Eco Inventor during the WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization.

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