Special Session

What is New in Therapy of Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation : From the Academic Bench to Patient Bedside

Professor David Naor
Faculty of Medicine, Lautenberg Center of Immunology and Cancer Research
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
E-mail: davidn@ekmd.huji.ac.il


Aim: This session will focus on the optional clinical translation of the speaker’s academic findings in autoimmunity or chronic inflammation. The presentation may include a few introduction slides describing the novel discoveries in the speaker’s field of interest, as indicated by the international literature. The major part of the presentation may include a set of slides describing the speaker’s own findings. Finally the speaker may explain why he/she thinks that these findings can be therapeutically translated or what is his/her contribution for understanding the mechanism of action in the autoimmunity and inflammation disciplines.

1) Autoimmunity
2) Autoimmune Diseases
3) Chronic Inflammation
4) Therapy
5) Clinical and industrial translations
6) Mechanism of Action
7) Autoantigen
8) Autoantibody

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