Plenary Lecture

Nonlinear Buoyant Flow during the Solidification of Binary and Ternary Alloys

Professor Daniel N. Riahi
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
also with:
Department of Mathematics
University of Texas-Pan American
E-mail: Riahid@aol.com

Abstract: In this lecture we first review the problems of nonlinear buoyant convective flow during the solidification of binary and ternary alloys that have been investigated in the last two decades. Next, we consider the recent modeling efforts and studies of such flows with and without presence of special effects that can help to understand such flows and can be used, in particular, for flow control purposes to reduce tendency for the chimney formation within the mushy layers. The chimneys produce undesirable freckles in the final form of the solidified alloys, which are imperfections that reduce the quality of the material. Methods of control aim at eliminating the convective flow in the chimneys also serve to eliminate the presence of chimneys thereby result in producing higher quality crystals. Using both analytical and numerical methods, we determine the solutions for the nonlinear problems in a range of either one effective Rayleigh number in the binary alloy case or two effective Rayleigh numbers in the ternary alloy case and near the onset of motion. We present the results and compare with the available experimental evidence. We also explain extension of present studies to related interesting problems that can be investigated in future.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Daniel N. Riahi served as Full Professor at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) from 1995 to 2005, as Professor Emeritus at UIUC since 2005 with the home Dept of Mechanical Science and Eng (MechSE), and as Full Professor in the Dept of Math at University of Texas-Pan American since 2006. Dr. Riahi’s research work & interest include studies in convection, flow instabilities & turbulence, flow during solidification & crystal growth, electromagnetic applications, and math modeling and theoretical developments with applications to eng and physical sciences. His research accomplishments include new theories and a number of discoveries in fundamental areas of convective and shear flows, some of which were already confirmed by the experimental studies. Professor Riahi received Appreciation Letters, Service Recognition Award & Certificates, Honorific Title Award & Research Awards from UIUC. He is member of over seven professional societies and a Fellow of Wessex Institute of Great Britain. He is author of Chapters in a book that won the Best Basic Science Book-Award by IAA. He was awarded NSF Grants, UIUC-RB & UTPA-FRC Grants, NCSA Awards and supervised NASA Sponsored Res. Projects. He presented many Invited Lectures and several Plenary Lectures at National & International Conferences. He is Editor and Editorial Board Member of over 20 technical journals and book series. He is author of over 330 publications mostly published in rigorously refereed journals, including books, invited articles, review articles and chapters of books.

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