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Integrated Geoscientific Methods for Shallow Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resources

Professor Giovanni Leucci
Co-author: Lara De Giorgi
IBAM – National Council of Research
Lecce, Italy

Abstract: The study focused on low enthalpy geothermal exploration performed in south Italy and provides an integrated presentation of geological, hydrogeological, and geophysical surveys carried out in the area of municipality of Lecce. Geological and hydrogeological models were performed using the stratigraphical data from 51 wells. A ground-water flow (direction and velocity) model was obtained. Using the same wells data, the ground-water annual temperature was modeled. Furthermore, the ground surface temperature records from ten meteorological stations were studied. This allowed us to obtain a model related to the variations of the temperature at different depths in the subsoil. Integrated geophysical surveys were carried out in order to explore the low-enthalpy geothermal fluids and to evaluate the results of the model. Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and self-potential (SP) methods were used. The results obtained upon integrating the geophysical data with the models show a low-enthalpy geothermal resource constituted by a shallow ground-water system.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Researcher at the IBAM -CNR, He is scientific director of the laboratory of geophysics applied to archeology and monumental heritage. Leucci’s research interests include geophysics applied in archeology, geology, non-invasive diagnostics of monumental heritage, engineering, environment. He has participated in numerous archaeo-geophysics campaigns in prestigious archaeological sites (Petra-Jordan, Hierapolis and Sagalassos - Turkey, Durres-Albany, the Roman ships of Pisa, Tindari, Ventarrón-Peru etc.). He has received several international awards related to the quality of research and scientific production such as the Journal of Geophysics and Engineering Best Paper Award. He is Member of numerous international scientific committees and editorial board of international journals; He is scientific point of reference for:
1) The IUGS and UNESCO for the evaluation of candidate sites to the inclusion in the World Heritage list;
2) the National Research Council of Romania, the German Research Foundation, the Czech Research Foundation, the Agency for Science and Higher Education of ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) of the Croatian Government for the evaluation of national and international research projects. He is the scientific director for geophysics in the Sagalassos Archaeological Project

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