Plenary Lecture

Reward System as a Strategic and Relevant Practices of Human Resource Management

Professor Carmo Neves
Business and Social Sciences
Universidade Coimbra
FEUC-Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra

Abstract: This communication is a continuation of a proposed model concerning how to subdivide the department of Human Resource Management (HRM) by Neves (2012). One of the key instruments of HRM is Reward System. This is one of the strategic and relevant practices of Human HRM. Executing business strategies through Human Resource Management practices should be one of the concerns of leaders.
The aim of this communication is to discuss about the importance of Reward System and its relations with the organizational environment.
The methodology was based in a personal reflexion about one decade of professional experience of organizational management and human resources as well in the literature revision about the issue. Also based on a case study approach within grounded theory, content analysis of 22 fully transcribed audio-taped semi-structured interviews with health professionals.
The major conclusions that we would like to highlight are: (1) the alignment of reward system with business strategy allow organization to be more competitive; (2) having an attractive reward system to capture the potential people that fits with the organization is one promising activities to achieve the mission of the company; (3) motivating health professionals needs a more holistic HRM approach than performance related pay.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr Carmo Neves holds a degree in Philosophy and Development of Business (Management) in Faculty of Philosophy of Universidade Católica. Master Degree in Organizations’ Management (2011) from IPP – Instituto Politécnico of o’Porto and hold the title of Specialist in the Business area - “Human Resource Management - Principles and Practice for Excellence” (equivalent of PhD, for academic purposes, 2013). She had been worked approximately twenty years in a Multinational Company - Bosch (1991-2010). There had been worked in several departments including department of Continuous Improvement Process - CIP and Human Resources area where she spent more time in their professional activity. As well she worked as internal consultant in all the five organizations at Portugal in the field of Organizational Development, during 10 years. Since 2011, she works as adjunct lecturer. Now underway the PhD Business Management with specialization in Management and People in Coimbra University. Her research interests include: Organizational Development, Emotional Development, Coaching in Organizations, Leadership, Management in Primary Health Care. She has some publications rated in ISI journals and in conference proceedings. The most recent ones: "Financial Rewards and Wellbeing in Primary Health Care" (2016) and "Determinants for the success of the implementation of change management relating to reward systems in health care services" (2015).

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