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Special Issue on Exploring Roles of Emotion, Decision-making, and Creativity in Business and Economics: Theories and Applications


Professor Kun Chang Lee
SKK Business School and SAIHST (Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology)
Director, Creativity Science Research Institute (CSRI)
Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea
E-mail: kunchanglee@gmail.com

Recently, a wide variety of digital technologies shape our working environment and living conditions to a new level where anywhere, anytime, and any-context bring new opportunities, processes, and outputs. Digital technologies prevail peculiarly in the field of business and economics which have huge impacts on our lives. However, despite the astonishing development of digital technologies in the past decades, most of management scholars and practitioners admit that emotion, decision-making, and creativity still play a role of crucial factors in the field of business and management in terms of performance, quality, and customer satisfaction, etc. It is clear that complicated relationships exist among them, though most of them remain unanswered yet. For example, the digital devices and technologies facilitate digital creativity which is mostly enabled on mobile platform. Tied into this notion is the decision-making. The epic growth of mobile technologies and the variety of digital displays instantiates user’s intention and decision. Besides the decision-making, emotion is another influencing factor. Emotion plays a crucial role in the quality of digital creativity, and decision making in business and economics contexts. Despite these, there still is misunderstanding about a notion that emotion must be excluded when one makes a rational decision making. In a nutshell, we need to explore a wide variety of unexplored topics pertaining to the roles of emotion, decision-making, and creativity in the business and economics contexts. In this respect, this special issue invites both scholars and practitioners to share their latest findings and results that address the significances of the issues.

• Online behavior on mobile information systems
• Decision making analysis
• Impacts of emotion on decision-maker’s behaviors and creativity
• Digital creativity
• Decision making quality process
• Neurophysiological experiments to investigate any topics related to emotions, decision makings, and creativity
• Negative emotion and its impact on decision quality and creativity
• Any topics that are deemed relevant to the main scope of this special issue

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2016

Submission Rules:
Manuscripts should be prepared according to the formatting instructions. Manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue on Biometrics, Computer Vision and Information Security are to be submitted following the standard submission process. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed using the standard procedure that is followed for regular submissions.



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