Plenary Lecture

Method for Optimizing the Number and Precision of Interval-Valued Parameters in a Multi-Object System

Dr. Amaury A. Caballero
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Florida International University

Abstract: In any decision-making process, it is necessary to evaluate different parameters and disclose the effect they have on the solution in order to optimize it. If the criteria are mathematically quantifiable, a mathematical model may be created for the evaluation process. The application of rough sets, neural networks, fuzzy logic or information theory are widely used mathematical tools for the solution of this type of problem.
In this lecture two tasks are approached:
1.-A method for minimizing the number of required parameters by discriminating different objects, when there is an overlap in the obtained information from each parameter with other parameter (interval-valued information) is presented.
2.-The calculation of the minimum precision necessary in the selected parameters to discriminate all of the objects. This approach is very useful in both reducing the cost of the communication channels and in eliminating unnecessary stored information.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Amaury A. Caballero earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Havana, Cuba, earned his Ph.D. in Technical Cybernetics from the Energy Institute of Moscow, Russia, and his Professional Engineering License from the state of Florida, USA. He taught and conducted research at the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Havana, where he obtained the category of Full Professor and directed research in the areas of Automatic Control and Robotics. He was a member of the Higher Scientific Council of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and received awards from the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education and the Technical University of Brno in Czech Republic, where he also participated in a graduate study and in robotics research in conjunction with faculty members. He has been also invited to give presentations about fuzzy logic at the Universidad de Pamplona in Colombia, the Universidad Cat?lica de Santa Mar?a, and the Universidad Autonoma in Peru, the Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana in Honduras, and the Universidad Autonoma Estatal del Estado de Hidalgo, in Mexico, where he also taught a graduate course in fuzzy logic. Dr. Caballero has published two books and obtained five certificates of invention in the area of automatic control. He has also published research reports totaling over 100 publications in journals papers and proceedings in scientific conferences. Presently, he is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Electrical and computer Engineering at Florida International University, where he has taught nine electrical engineering undergraduate courses and one graduate course in fuzzy logic He Also has conducted in-depth research in the areas of automation applied to construction management, and in the use of rough sets, fuzzy logic, and information theory for object discrimination in databases, among other applications.

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