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Special Issue on Constraint Dynamic Systems


Professor Calin Ciufudean
Dept. of Computers, Electronics and Automatics
Stefan cel Mare University
Suceava, Romania
Email: calin@eed.usv.ro, ciufudean.calin@gmail.com

Dynamical systems with constraints take advantage, and generalize an important chapter of systems control, respectively controlled event systems applied for modeling and simulation of diagnosis, logistic supply, chart positioning and optimum trajectory planning of complex systems. Heuristics techniques, data mining planning activities, scheduling algorithms, automatic data identification, processing optimization can represent new trumps for nowadays and future systems analyzing formalisms. We challenge potential authors to reveal the development stage of the dynamical systems and to anticipate theirs future evolution in respect to technological and environmental changes. The potential audience of this special issue of our journal will be from the “spatially” non-specific disciplines and fields: medicine, economics, theoretical linguistics, cognitive disciplines, informatics, robotics, etc. Readers with diverse background like research, academia, industry, etc., can take advantage of the Special Issue on Constraint Dynamic Systems and can shape a new way of analyzing applied system control.

Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work in the following areas:
• Internet of Things applications for constraint dynamic systems;
• Discrete event formalisms for modeling artificial social systems;
• Other formalisms for modeling constraint dynamical systems;
• Control and optimize interactions between complex systems;
• Diagnosis of dynamical systems with sudden constraints;
• Sudden constraints in electrical engineering systems;
• Sudden constraints in civil engineering systems;
• Sudden constraints in mechanical engineering systems;
• Sudden constraints in sustainable development systems;
• Sudden constraints in medicine;
• Sudden constraints in finances;
• Sudden constraints in cloud computing;
• Sudden constraints in grid energy;
• Sudden constraints in robotics;
• Optimization of sudden constraints in globalized social and economic systems;
and other related topics on dynamical systems with sudden constraints.
Submission Deadline: December 31, 2016

Submission Rules:
Manuscripts should be prepared according to the formatting instructions. Manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue on Constraint Dynamic Systems are to be submitted following the standard submission process. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed using the standard procedure that is followed for regular submissions.



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