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Special Issue on Electrical Transportation and Renewable Energy Systems (ETRES)


Dr. Ing. Hdr. Souhir Tounsi
Associate Professor at National School of Electronics and
Telecommunications of Sfax (ENET'COM)
Head of the research team ‘Design, Optimization and Control of
Electrical Systems’ (COCSE)
E-mail: souhir.tounsi@enetcom.rnu.tn

Electric transport and Renewable Energy reduce significantly the air pollution. They offer effective solutions to the heavy oil crises and the undeniable air pollution due to the use of fuel. In this context, ETRS special issue concern the innovation of robust components, the optimal design and the intelligent control of Electric and Hybrid transport and Renewable Energy systems optimizing performances. The main objective is to develop methodologies of systemic design and control of electric ground and air transportation and renewable energy systems, reducing conjointly the production cost and the efficiency.

The ETRE special issue covers the following topics:
Innovation of the ETRES robust component.
Electrical Ground and Air Transportation driving assistance.
Intelligent Transportation.
Design of electric motors dedicated to ETRES.
Optimization of ETRES structures.
Optimizations of the ETRES components performances.
Development of systemic control strategies adapted to sizing methods of ETRES.
Performances optimization of ETRES.
Identifications of the electric motors for ETRES.
Electro-thermal characterization of the ETRES.
Design and control of ETRES cooling systems.
Experimental validation of ETRES power chains design approaches.
Development of designs tools for synchronous, asynchronous and DC current generators used for the generation of renewable energy through wind.
Monitoring of power electronics systems dedicated to renewable energy generation and conversion.
Hybridization of renewable energy generation systems: Wind and photovoltaic Generators.
Experimental validations of designs and controls approaches of systems dedicated to the generation of renewable energy.
Electronic Integrations of Intelligent control Algorithms for ETRES.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2016

Submission Rules:
Manuscripts should be prepared according to the formatting instructions. Manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue on Electrical Transportation And Renewable Energy Systems (ETRES) are to be submitted following the standard submission process. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed using the standard procedure that is followed for regular submissions.



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